Voice of Campus

Collecting feedback during or immediately after an experience permits correcting problems and leads to an opportunity to create a positive experience from one that started out less than positive. At other times the value is to have a longer time frame for the individual to reflect upon and provide feedback overall. Resources included here pertain to immediate feedback and future behaviors based on the immediate feedback. Reflection on experiences over a longer time frame, such as an entire academic year or academic career, would involve other methods such as the Survey of All Students (SAS), the Senior Exit Survey (SES), or surveys of alumni.

Voice of Campus Survey Methods

  • Adding an anonymous survey link to your website, social mediator as a footer in your email signature
  • Having casual conversation or conducting focus groups
  • Implementing a kiosk style “point of service” survey method
  • Sending personal link surveys
  • Using Quick Response (QR) codes
  • Sending Short Message Service (SMS) Surveys

Voice of Campus Survey Examples

For an example of a survey embedded in a QR Code, please scan the following image with a QR application such as Bar-Code, Scan, or Zapper:

Voice of Campus Survey Examples QR

Click below for an example of an Qualitative Scale (open-ended) survey.

An example of a Signature Line Footer with an embedded survey link:

Signature Line

For questions or assistance with Voice of Campus or Qualtrics surveys, please contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

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