Qualtrics Surveys


  • Ability to self-administer your survey
  • Over 100 question types
  • Ability to check survey accessibility
  • Skip/branch logic question sets
  • Ability to collaborate with multiple people in survey creation/distribution
  • Variety of distribution options, including automatic email reminders
  • Custom reports available in a variety of formats, including CSV, HTML, XML and SPSS Ability to implement automated repetitive processes (API)
  • Internal statistical analysis applications (Stats iQ)
  • Ability to integrate survey data with Tableau
  • Mobile device support
  • Ability to administer surveys without internet connection
  • Surveys can be administered via text message (SMS Surveys – fee included)

Getting Started

Accounts & Permissions

  • Faculty, Staff, and Students:
    Visit riceuniversity.qualtrics.com and log in with your netid and password. This will create your Rice-Student or Rice-Faculty/Staff Qualtrics account.
  • Visitors:
    Visitors that have been granted approval for a netid AND access to support services through visitor.rice.edu may be eligible for temporary Rice Qualtrics accounts. An email directly from the sponsor must be sent to oiehelp@rice.edu and must include the full name, department, and visitor status end date must be included in the email.

Qualtrics Access Here

Annual User Agreement

Qualtrics is a survey administration application paid for and utilized by Rice University. To comply with University policies, as well as federal and international laws and regulations, Rice Qualtrics users have to acknowledge and agree to the Terms and Conditions associated with using the application on an annual basis, as specified in the User Agreement. New account users will be sent the user agreement within two weeks of signing up. Qualtrics users that do not agree to the Terms and Conditions before the deadline will have their account deactivated, and must contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness at oiehelp@rice.edu for assistance. All deactivated accounts must complete the User Agreement before account reactivation.

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