Institutional Research Reports

Student Admissions (4)
Undergraduate Test Scores Thumbnail

Undergraduate Test Scores

This report includes historical SAT and ACT test scores for first-time, full-time freshmen entering Rice University.

Undergraduate Yield Rates Thumbnail

Undergraduate Yield Rates

The report includes admissions offers, enrollments, and yield rates for first-time degree-seeking undergraduates.

Graduate Admissions Statistics Thumbnail

Graduate Admissions Statistics

This report shows admit and yield rates for master's and doctoral programs by school. Jones Graduate School of Business is excluded from this report.

Student Enrollment (1)
Student Enrollment Thumbnail

Student Enrollment

This report shows the enrollment of degree-seeking students by geographic origin, gender, race/ethnicity, and Pell eligibility.

Student Achievement (8)
Degrees Awarded Thumbnail

Degrees Awarded

This report shows the awarded degrees by school, program level, and gender.

Majors Completed Thumbnail

Majors Completed

This report shows the number of majors completed by school, program level, and major for the last five academic years.

Retention and Graduation Rates Thumbnail

Retention and Graduation Rates

This report shows the first-year retention rate of the first-time, full-time freshman, as well as the 4-, 5-, and 6-year graduation rates of first-time, full-time freshman for the last ten years.

Employment Thumbnail


Most of our students seeking employment have jobs upon graduation.

CCD Outcomes Thumbnail

CCD Outcomes

Center for Career Development Outcomes for the Class of 2019

Alumni (5)
Alumni Statistics Thumbnail

Alumni Statistics

This report shows the counts of alumni and degrees by degree level since 1912.

Alumni Giving Thumbnail

Alumni Giving

This report shows the participation rate of alumni giving.

Faculty and Staff (4)
Faculty Appointments Thumbnail

Faculty Appointments

This report shows faculty headcount by school, appointment type, tenure status, and academic rank.

Faculty Attributes Thumbnail

Faculty Attributes

This report shows faculty headcount by school, gender, and race/ethnicity and international status.

Postdoctoral Appointments Thumbnail

Postdoctoral Appointments

This report is a historical view of postdoctoral appointments by school and department, center, or institute.

Staff Thumbnail


This report shows the headcount and FTE of non-instructional staff by occupational categories, gender, and citizenship and race.

Financial Resources (2)
Consolidated Budget Thumbnail

Consolidated Budget

This report includes the annual capital budget, operating budget, and total budget for the last 10 years.

Sponsored Research Thumbnail

Sponsored Research

This report displays the end-of-fiscal year sponsored research revenues by federal, foundations, and other funding sources for the last seven fiscal years.

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