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Vision for the Second Century (V2C)

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Rice will soon be entering its second century and this journey must be approached with the same  ambition and imagination that existed at the founding of the Rice Institute.  How exactly do we do this?

According to President Leebron and his Call to Conversation:

“First, while we must identify and preserve those things that make Rice a distinctive and special place, we must also respond to a competitive and changing world. This means that we must consistently evaluate what we are doing and effect change when necessary to advance our mission. Second, we must be strategic and selective in our choices. Our position as a small, great research university means we cannot do all things with distinction. We will have to make difficult choices and identify those priorities that have the best chance of enhancing our ability to achieve the standard of excellence we have set and make distinctive and important contributions to society, education, and knowledge. Finally, we must embark on this path together as a cohesive community, with enthusiasm for Rice’s future. The choices we must make at all levels will be difficult—they may generate differences of opinion and challenge strongly-held views. Our success will depend in large measure on our ability to unite in support of a vision and plan for this university.”

The President’s Call for Conversation culminated into the development of the 10 point Vision of the Second Century (V2C).

Institutional Effectiveness is at the core of this identification and reflective practice.  Rice’s V2C is an important tool for educational programs, administrative and support units to use as a guide in their own assessment practices.  Not every program or unit will be represented in all of the 10 points, but every program and unit is represented in at least one.  It is how we work together to represent Rice in the next century which will determine our journey.