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Characteristics Map

The Committee for Rice’s Undergraduate Program’s (CRUPs) Report to Faculty Senate defines the Characteristics of Rice Undergraduates.  Throughout the course of their undergraduate studies, whatever their chosen major(s), all Rice Undergraduates should leave Rice with these characteristics.  Of course, each student will integrate these characteristics to various degrees during the course of their studies.  The nature of our undergraduate curriculum at Rice University is unique, affording students the opportunity to take a variety of classes, across a wide range of disciplines and not requiring students to declare a major until late in their undergraduate studies.  Because of this flexibility, students can expect to be exposed to opportunities to achieve the Rice Characteristics in many, if not most of their undergraduate courses.

For Faculty:

Each program is responsible for determining where the Rice Undergraduate Characteristics are expressed in their undergraduate courses.  For this purpose, we have developed a CRUPS Characteristic Map to help you document where such learning occurs in your area.

 CRUPs Undergraduate Characteristics Map (pdf)

CRUPs Undergraduate Characteristics Map (doc)