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OIE supports the alignment of the university's academic and administrative units with Rice's strategic goals and accreditation requirements.

IE Reporting Cycle

All units (both academic and administrative/support) within Rice University are expected to report on their outcomes annually.  Our reporting consists of determining which goals or outcomes are going to be evaluated each year, collecting data to determine whether the outcomes are being met and then making the appropriate adjustments where necessary, as informed by the data.

ROARS stands for Rice Outcomes Assessment Reporting System.   Academic and non-academic/administrative units have slightly different reporting processes to reflect the differences in their operational cycles.

Academic Units:  Academic units have a two-stage reporting process.  The first stage of the ROARS contains the initial assessment of the identified outcomes. The second stage of the report is completed the following year and is called the RIPE, which stands for Report of Improvement Plan’s Effectiveness. The RIPE documents the follow-up action taken as a result of the initial assessment.  Academic reporting cycles are explained HERE.

Administrative/Support Units: Administrative and support units complete one ROARS report each year.  Administrative reporting cycles are explained HERE.


In addition to providing valuable internal information for programs and units, these reports document and demonstrate Rice University’s commitment to continuous improvement to SACS.